Department Staff

The staff of the Department consists of the Academic Staff, the Laboratory Teaching Staff and the Administrative Staff.

Academic Staff

Georgousis Georgios TN

Georgios Georgousis

Research interests: Reinforced concrete structures, Structural dynamics, Earthquake resistant structures

  Stergiopoulos Vasileios TN

Vassilios Stergiopoulos

Research interests

Sotiropoulou Anastasia TN

Anastasia Sotiropoulou

Research interests: Strength of Materials, Reinforced Concrete

  Aliefs Alexandros TN

Alexandros Aliefs
Associate Professor

Pelekis Panagiotis TN

Panagiotis Asteris
Associate Professor

Research interests: Computational Mechanics, Analysis of Historic Structures, Masonry

  Pelekis Panagiotis TN

Panagiotis Pelekis
Associate Professor

Research interests: Δυναμική του Εδάφους, Γεωτεχνική Σεισμική Μηχανική, Θεμελιώσεις και Εδαφικές Αντιστηρίξεις, Πειραματική Γεωτεχνική Μηχανική
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Constantinos Antonopoulos
Assistant Professor

Research interests


Vaxevaneris Haralambos TN

Charalambos Vaxevaneris

Research interests: Geodetical measurements of structures, Surveying monuments, GPS height determination

  Kalantzakis Panagiotis TN

Panagiotis Kalantzakis

Limouri Konstantina TN

Konstantina Limouri



Laborary Teaching Staff

Konstantakatos Gerasimos TN

Gerasimos Konstantakatos

Laboratory Teaching Staff

  Passa Dimitra TN

Dimitra Passa

Laboratory Teaching Staff

Research interests: Strength of materials, Reinforced concrete

Christopoulos Vasilis ΤΝ

Vasilis Christopoulos

Laboratory Teaching Staff


Vasileios Siorikis

Laboratory Teaching Staff

Administrative Staff

Roka Calliope TN

Calliope Roka