The Computational Mechanics Laboratory belongs to theDepartment of Civil  Engineering Educators, School of Pedagogical & Technological Education, Athens, Greece.

The Laboratory has a network of personal computers for conducting numerical simulations independently, which consists of 20 personal (desktop and laptop) computers of the latest generation as well as clusters of interconnected computers.

The main body of research activities of the Institute is performed in the following two main areas: (a) Computational Structural Mechanics (linear and nonlinear theory of elasticity, elastic stability of bodies, static and dynamic analysis of structures, non-linear elastoplastic analysis of structures, analysis of hysteretic systems, identification of nonlinear systems) and (b) Analysis and Design of Structures (optimal design of structures, stochastic analysis and design, analysis of historic structures, seismic isolation, assessment of bearing capacity, rehabilitation and strengthening of structures).

In addition, the Laboratory conducts research on the latest developments in the “Architecture and Engineering” job family. In particular, the Laboratory provides rigorous support toward the advancement of the School’s engineering curriculum, investigates the new-and-emerging green jobs of the 21st century, and applies network analysis methods in order to identify the most central skills and knowledge, which should be the basic pillars for the education of the modern engineer.