The basic Degree awarded by the Department of Educational Civil Engineering of ASPAITE provides the right to teach in the specialty in secondary Education, while it is also a degree of professional specialty which in terms of professional rights is equal and equivalent to that of the TEI Departments of Civil Engineering. The degree carries both titles, that of teacher and that of the professional specialty Engineer, with a single degree.

The degree is awarded after studies of a total duration of ten academic semesters (5 years), which include the semester of thesis preparation and internship in the specialty (Article 29 “Issues of the School of Pedagogy and Technological Education) of ASPA 4 2013 “Restructuring of Secondary Education and other provisions”, Government Gazette 193 vol.APS / 17-9-2013).

Degree: Degree in Educational Civil Engineering
Course Duration: 5 years (10 academic semesters)
Credits / ECTS: 300
Total Workload: 7500

The studies are divided into 10 academic semesters.