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Welcome to the website of the Department of Educational Civil Engineering of the School of Pedagogy and Technological Education (ASPAITE).

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Course Evaluation

Experimental Investigation of FRP-Strengthened RC Beam-Column Joints

The results of a comprehensive experimental program, aimed at providing a fundamental understanding of the behavior of shear-critical exterior...

Multifactorial experimental analysis of concrete compressive strength as a function of time and water-to-cement ratio

Concrete compressive strength is typically tested for fixed nominal values of curing age. Corresponding measurements, even if performed by multiple...

Numerical and experimental evaluation of sonic resonance against ultrasonic pulse velocity and compression tests on concrete core samples

Destructive Testing, like core drilling, remains today the only reliable method to calculate with accuracy concrete’s strength parameters. However,...


Structural Structures and Measurements

The laboratory course "Topographic measurements" is taught in the Laboratory of Structural Constructions and Measurements. The aim of the course is to train students in the operation of topographic instruments (classical and electronic) and then to give them the...

Materials Control and Durability

The Laboratory of Materials Control and Durability belongs to the Department of Educational Civil Engineering of ASPAITE. and has as object: "Measurements of mechanical and physical properties of essays, building materials and tests, organization of training...

Applied Hydraulics and Hydraulic Works

In the Laboratory of Applied Hydraulics and Hydraulic Works of the Department of Educational Civil Engineering of ASPETE, an intense educational, scientific, research activity is developed in a wide range of theoretical, laboratory, research and teaching axes: the...

Laboratory of Concrete & Aseismic Constructions

The Laboratory of Concrete and Aseismic Constructions belongs to the  Department of Civil Engineering Educators and is equipped with the machinery and apparatus for the practical training of students in the production and strength testing of concrete, experimental...

Computational Mechanics Laboratory

The Computational Mechanics Laboratory belongs to theDepartment of Civil  Engineering Educators, School of Pedagogical & Technological Education, Athens, Greece. The Laboratory has a network of personal computers for conducting numerical simulations independently,...

Laboratory of Soil Mechanics

The Laboratory of Soil mechanics belongs to the  Department of Civil  Engineering Educators and is equipped to perform the conventional soil mechanics tests which determine the basic physical and engineering properties of soils. The laboratory apparatus includes...

Transportation Works

The Laboratory of Transportation Works belongs to Department of  Civil Engineering Educators and provides the necessary equipment not only for teaching courses of Road and Traffic Engineering but also for the conduction of studies of similar object . This equipment is...



The Staff of Educational Civil Engineering


The Department of Educational Civil Engineering of ASPAITE consists of a group of people who through their diversity promote research and creativity in various fields.
This unique blend is the biggest source of pride for the Department.

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