Mamou Anna


Scientific Associate at the level of Assistant Professor

Civil Engineer



Research Interests

Selected Publications
• Siorikis, V. G., Antonopoulos, C. P., Pelekis, P., Christovasili, K., & Hatzigeorgiou, G. D. (2020). Numerical and experimental evaluation of sonic resonance against ultrasonic pulse velocity and compression tests on concrete core samples. 30(1), 168–173.
• Armaghani, D.J.; Mamou, A.; Maraveas, C.; Roussis, P.C.; Siorikis, V.G.; Skentou, A.D.; Asteris, P.G. Predicting the unconfinedcompressive strength of granite using only two non-destructive test indexes.Geomech. Eng.2021,25, 317–330