Security Policy

Quality Assurance Policy of PPS Department of Educational Civil Engineering

The quality assurance policy of the Department of Educational Civil Engineering is fully harmonized and is a functional subset of the quality policy of ASPAITE.

The Department of Educational Civil Engineering is committed to implementing quality procedures in its undergraduate curriculum that ensure the following:

  • Provision to its students of appropriate, combined Technological and Pedagogical Higher Education, so that they are executives of high level applications both in the field of Engineering and in the field of vocational / technical education and training.
  • Optimal satisfaction of the requirements of his students, but also of those who use or are directly or indirectly influenced by his activity.
  • Absolute respect for academic freedom in teaching and research, as well as for the free expression and circulation of ideas within the framework set by the Constitution, the Laws of the State and / or other regulatory obligations.
  • Respect for Merit and Transparency in all activities of the Department.
  • The continuous investigation, recording and analysis of the needs of its students, aiming at their optimal satisfaction.
  • Optimal utilization of available resources.
  • The prevention of errors at every level of the functions of the PPS
  • Timely treatment of any problems that arise.
  • The optimal use of all possible resources (human, financial, logistical and know-how) for the connection of the Academic with the Professional and Workplace.
  • The evaluation and continuous improvement of all its activities.