The laboratory course “Topographic measurements” is taught in the Laboratory of Structural Constructions and Measurements.

The aim of the course is to train students in the operation of topographic instruments (classical and electronic) and then to give them the opportunity to use them in topographic surveys in the wider area of ​​the facilities of ASPETE.

The measurements of lengths, angles and altitude differences using speedometers, theodolites, surveyors, electronic surveyors, surveying stations and other topographic instruments available to the Topography Laboratory are applied to most topographic applications in real field conditions.

The events in the architectural department of the Laboratory of Construction and Measurements have the following three directions:

  1. The direction of architectural studies. In this direction, students become acquainted, in practice, with the procedures of elaboration of studies, with their symbolism, their practices, their correlations and the legislation that governs them. At the same time, they learn the procedures for determining the specifications of a construction project (and its parts), as well as the procedures for its auction.
  2. The direction of building construction. In the context of this second direction, the students get acquainted, in practice, with the search in the existing relevant market, based on the performance specifications, of the appropriate building materials for each case. Finally, they learn the procedures for organizing a construction site and the implementation of each building.
  3. The direction of building evaluations. In the context of this third and last direction, the students become acquainted, in practice, with the search for the respective building aptitude achieved or, the same, with the respective building failure. This direction includes the work related to repairs and restorations.